Don’t let your Dog Walk you

Don’t let your Dog Walk you_Puppies Gear

Check out the Tips to develop your Dog’s Behavior

We all have our weaknesses. Our cravings, favorite person, situations that making us happy and other stuff that we can’t resist. Yet, there’s this one thing for sure most of us have in common and it is called the puppy eyes. Some people tend to imitate and some can successfully do it but most of us cannot. Meanwhile, for dogs, every one of them, any breed, any size, can leave a human’s heart in awe when they do that thing with their eyes, leading them to use it whenever they want something. For instance, a dog asking for food even though he/she already ate. The dog learned that by just making cute facial expression he/she can melt her owner’s heart, give up and give him what he wants. And that’s not a good thing because it develops a negative characteristic which can, later on, get out of control that leads to them becoming spoiled. Of course, we, owners or should I say paw-rents will not let that pass and as a responsible guardian of these puppies, we will do anything to correct these bad behaviors and turn it into something nice. Don’t worry, I know you’re a bit confused about how to start doing your responsibilities for your dog but that’s why Puppies Gear is here to help you.


Here are some tips to develop Dog’s good behavior:

Start them young

Just like human babies, newborn dogs almost started on a blank slate. They can only do the basic things that they need for them to survive which is to suck on their mother’s milk, walk, poop, eat and make cute faces. For them to have a good set of personality, us, owners must develop that on them. While they are still young we must train them the things that we think are good for the dog and us. For instance, if we want them to liter outside the house we must spend at least a month accompanying them outside while waiting for them to poop. Also, set a time for walking outside, so that your dog will learn the routine of going out during those times. Those times would come that a puppy will start teething, in this phase, a puppy always want to chew on something because their teeth are itching. That situation will leave our house and things in it full of tooth scratches and worst, totally damaged. Good thing Puppies Gear Chewing Rubber with Suction Dog Toy has been invented to solve that problem. This toy will keep your puppy’s mouth occupied and your furniture damage-free, if you want to check it out, just click here  

Use Positive Reinforcement

Are you starting to question yourself if we are still catering puppy here or a baby? It’s just that both of them have the same way or technique on how to develop. Who doesn’t like treats, right? Either human or a dog loves it when they are having or given a treat. In this case, we are not just giving away treats, we are using them so that our dogs know how to act accordingly. Give them treats when they have done something you instruct them to do but be aware also if they’re just using it so you can just give them more treats. That leads us to the next tip which is the;

Be Aware of the Drama

Yes, dogs can be an artist too! To be honest, they are much more amazing than humans. Just kidding (but remember, jokes are half meant). As a paw-rent, we must be aware of whether our dogs are just faking it. It’s been proven that dogs can fake them being sick, disabled and hungry, I think that’s when the puppy eyes originated. So, before falling into these dramatic skills make sure if it’s legit or not. After all, you as a guardian of these dogs should know them very well because you’ve been there since they were young.

Knowing the Reason Why they are not Behaving

Sometimes it’s not our dog’s fault why we think they are not behaving, sometimes it is ours. Let’s just admit it, that sometimes, we can be strict towards them that those things that they should normally do are being restricted by us. For instance, our dog’s right to be playing outside instead of just staying at home all the time, then we are going to be mad if they have too much energy to burn. In that case, it is our fault because we didn’t allow them to drain there energy outside. We always worry about them being lost if we let them play outside and that’s the reason why Puppies Gear Track N Guard Protective GPS Tracking Dog has been invented, to reduce owners worry on losing their pet because through this collar they can now track the location on where their dogs have been wandering. If interested just click here

These tips do not want to build a commander and a follower kind of relationship, instead, it wanted to build a respectful and loving relationship between your dog and you. Your dog following your instruction means he/she loves following what you want him/her to do and find it also beneficial for him/herself. So, as a responsible paw-rent, make sure to train and teach your dogs a lot of good characteristics and traits while still giving them time to enjoy. Treats does not just come in a form of food, it can also be in the form of new dog clothes and accessories. Don’t forget to treat your dogs with Puppies Gear products by clicking this link Enjoy!

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