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Best Dog Halloween Costumes Ideas for Party and Cosplay

Best Dog Halloween Costumes 2020

Best Dog Halloween Costumes 2020 With Halloween coming up, if you haven’t already chosen a costume for the upcoming dog Halloween costumes, it’s possible you’re stuck for pet costume ideas.  Never fear, there are plenty of ways to come up with cute dog costumes, cute costume, adorable costume, creative, and great quality costume. creative, like movie […]

How To Treat Your Dog Right

How To Treat Your Dog Right- Puppies Gear

Treat Your Dog On  The Right Way Dogs are fragile. Taking care of it is like a real child. Doing so requires time, patience, and love. In this blog, it will give you information on how you treat your dog’s well.  As a result, this blog can help motivate you to be a more active […]

Understanding Dog Bite Behavior

Understanding Dog Bite Behavior

Why Dog Bites Happen Understanding your dog bite behavior. As dog lovers, it is essential for us to understand our dogs. One of the common behavior of dogs is they bite when they’re… angry? hungry? scared? or they’re really just like that because they’re “dogs” which means it is their nature to bite people? If […]

First U.S. Corona virus Positive Case in Dogs: A North Carolina Pug Victim

First U.S. Corona Virus Positive Case in Dogs_ A North Carolina Pug Victim_Puppies Gear

  First U.S. Coronavirus Positive Case in Dogs: A North Carolina Pug Victim On Tuesday, the American Humane Society has reported the first corona virus-positive case in a North Carolina pug. According to Hong Kong health authorities, this is most likely to be the first human-to-animal transmission, then later on, also appearing in pet cats. […]

How to keep your dog thriving during quarantine?

How to keep your dog thriving during quarantine?

Covid-19 is changing the lives of pets across the country, especially for dogs. Being in a quarantine hinders the people to go outside and that will automatically include their dogs. In order to help the dogs keep up with this sudden change in routine, here are some tips the owner must do: Stock on the […]

A Better World for Animals

A Better World for Animals

According to Katariya (2018), Austria, Switzerland, United Kingdom, Germany, Netherlands, Sweden, Denmark, and Hong Kong are the countries that have the strictest animal welfare laws in the world. The said countries have created and implemented laws mandating protection and rights for the animals that is living and will be living in their country. Here are […]