EMF Radiation and Pets

EMF Radiation and Pets

EMF Radiation and Pets

This is why your dog is always fatigued.  There is a hidden factor that people are not realizing these days.  You see, we live in a new age of technology and our pets are not protected from all of our electronic gadgets.  Our electronic gadgets give off electronic frequencies that we cannot see or hear.  Our furry friends may have a sense but since we are oblivious to them they suffer from our ignorance.  These electronic frequencies are called EMF waves.  They tend to have negative bioeffects such as fatigue, reproductive issues and unfortunately DNA and cellular damage. These can become serious problems if not addressed.

Was microwave ovens the beginning of this controversy?  You see microwaves can effect a female reproductive system, specifically the eggs.  Now our pets have no idea they are being bombarded with this technology.  This leads to genetic imbalances. EMF waves can compromise normal physiology and intercellular communication. Healthy cellular processes begin to fail. Free radical damage occurs, nutrients cannot enter the cell, and toxins cannot be excreted. Whew, now that was a lot of technical information.  We at Puppiesgear have a solution to this unspoken issue.

We have been following the statistics and have found 3 ways to combat EMF waves for our babies.  Our first recommendation is to lessen the exposure to the waves.  This can be done by avoiding constant proximity to EMF’s.  Try using headphones so your phone is not close to you or your pet.  Have you put your phone on ‘Airplane Mode?’ this helps too!  Secondly, we suggest that you minimize the effects of radiation. This can be done by using our Puppiesgear EMF Charm Protector. Our charms are lovely and they are made of Shungite which is designed to absorb and neutralize dangerous EMF radiation.  By the way, real Shungite is a conductor.  Our third course of action is to strengthen the metabolic system to support correction of cell damage. This is done through healthy diet and lifestyle.  We are sure you can handle this one.  Its easy just give your baby what they need a well-balanced diet with plenty of exercise.

In conclusion, we hope you consider the adverse effects of not protecting your baby under these stressful environments.  Don’t waste anymore time

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