What are the Pros And Cons of Dog Diapers?

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Pros And Cons of Dog Diapers

Have you seen your dog’s poop on your newly-cleaned floor? Or on your beautiful carpet? The smell of it ruined the fresh-smelling odor of your place? Well, well well, are you looking for the answers on how to prevent your dog from doing it? Let me guess. Has it dawned in your mind to make your dog wear diapers? If yes, then here are the pros and cons of using dog diapers.

What are the Pros And Cons of Dog Diapers?

             However, before you think if dog diapers are great or not, let us know what are dog diapers. There are different types of dog diapers. The two famous kinds of dog diapers are washable and the other one is disposable. Check for the best diapers here in https://puppiesgear.com/


  • For incontinent dogs

            Primarily, dog diapers are for incontinent dogs. They have a medication in which they can not be able to control their bladder.  If a dog is incontinent, he may be advanced in age, having a hormonal imbalance or they may have physical abnormalities.  Dog diapers for incontinent dogs will keep their bedding, floor, carpet, couch dry.


  • For menstruating dogs

             If your dog is a female, surely, she will be menstruating unless she have an abnormality in terms of her reproductive system. If your dog is having a heavy menstruation flow, a diaper can keep the house cleaner and prevent constant licking. Many owners use them as a doggie chastity belt since the diaper will also prevent an unwanted pregnancy.

  • For young puppies

            Puppies may need diapers just like their human counterparts. They can be used as an aid to house training, teaching the puppy when and where it is appropriate to eliminate.

Here were some other short-term situations where a diaper is appropriate.

  • Taking your dog to visit a friend’s house
  • Plane trips
  • Hotel stays
  • Post-surgical dogs unable to go outside


  • Unregulated changing of diapers

            If diapers are not changed regularly,  any urine or waste that is trapped in the fur can lead to a number of skin issues. Over time, this can cause bacterial infections, itching, burning, and other irritations. If a pet owner is unsure of how to prevent these issues, it is a good idea to speak to vets.

  • Eating Soiled Diapers

            According to a dog owner’s blog “Dogs may be tempted to investigate and even eat soiled diapers. This normal parental behavior in adult dogs is directed toward keeping their den area clean. Their purpose is to keep their offspring (your newborn) healthy and safe from predators that might otherwise detect their odors.”

So what do you think?

            Since diapers were really a great help to our dogs, here are some of the tips on how to get it on them:

Getting it On to the Dog

            If your dog is already a full-grown dog, it would be hard for you to put it on for the first time. Meanwhile, giving your dog treats while putting it on them would be a good idea in order to distract them. Also never forget not to frighten your dog when doing it. Remember to be patient. Also, when your dog is trying to chew it or to pull if off, give treats and lots of distractions.

            On the other hand, usually, after a few minutes, they get used to the strange feeling of wearing diapers.

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