What are the Obedience Training Tips for Dogs?

What are the Obedience Training Tips for Dogs?

What are the Obedience Training Tips for Dogs?

          Some people think that Obedience Training for dogs is not important and is only a waste of time. Also, they were thinking that when training a dog, it is through heavy-handed punishment-based techniques. However, it is not. It is very essential to train our dogs how to be obedient. Also, we need to teach our dogs some manners, or if you have a dog that gets into trouble regularly, your dog should learn etiquette and guidance. And most importantly, if your dog is well-trained, it is safer to be around family and friends.

What are the Obedience Training Tips for Dogs?


            There are essential things to know about dog training.  Though there were myriad dog training techniques, here were some of the dog obedience training tips.

Reminder: We should start training our dog when it is still a puppy. Puppies begin to recognize praise when it is about 8 weeks old and at 12 weeks, you can already teach basic commands. Meanwhile, here are the tips to keep in mind when training your puppy.

  • Be consistent: In order to make your training your dog effective, remember not to confuse your dog. Make sure you and other family members react to your pup’s behavior the same way every time.

  • Be immediate: Dogs can only connect consequences to their behavior if the consequences are immediate. That’s why you should give rewards and consequences immediately. So, if your dog made a consequence, for example, tearing apart your pillow when you’re away, punishing them later is meaningless.

  • Be clear: Our dogs can’t be able to understand our language. In order for them to understand us, make it simple, clear, and sweet. Example: If you want to make them sit, tell “sit” instead of saying full sentences.

  • Be patient: Our dogs are not like us, humans. They learn but not immediately. So if our dog seems very slow at learning from what we are teaching them, be patient. Go back on something they already know and practice.

            Most importantly, do not put a lot of pressure on your dog. With patience, the time will come that your dog will learn commands. Just make sure they have plenty of time for play and affection and they’ll be eager to learn.

            However, we need harness when we’re training them. A harness is very important when we’re teaching them how to be obedient. Also, it is good to wear for walking them and when they’re having exercise.

            A good harness is Puppies Gear Dog Harness. Check it in products: https://puppiesgear.com/product/puppies-gear-adjustable-heavy-duty-dog-harness/

            The main benefit of a harness is that it prevents injuries to your dog’s trachea, especially if he has a tendency to pull on the leash. Unlike collars, it takes pressure on the neck of your dog.  And most especially, the great benefit of the harness is that it gives you greater control over your dog – this is also a benefit if your dog is big or overly active.

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